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27 March 2006 @ 09:01 am
it's Monday!  
GAH! It's Monday again! *bleh* I'm not partial to Mondays. But, that's the way it goes, I suppose. Anyway, hello again, friends! *hugz F-list* I'm trying to keep up with updating, which isn't too hard really, just that I keep forgetting! *LOL* Sowwie.

Anyway, today I've got a bunch of avvies to show you. They're not eye-popping or heart-stopping, but I had fun making them. I have 20 today. Some may be repeats, but I figured I'd put them up anyway. There -are- definitely 6 newbies. I did them today. So, check them out, eh? *winx*

avatars for you

Back at Impossible Dreams things seem to be going pretty well. There are a few RPs moving along, including two that I'm involved in. One, the infamous "Dragonclaw's Secret" is sorta wavering at the moment, waiting for more players to remember they're a part of it and join in. (teehee) Then, there's "Born A Knight" which I'm playing with Elfdaughter. That one's a bit tricky because it's a Free-Style type. I'm wondering what will happen next!

On a different note, I'm slowly but surely stirring my muse into functioning again. At least now I'm able to make some wallpapers and avatars. *does a happy dance* I'm wondering when/if I'll ever get back to writing. Really writing. Ithil has mentioned she'd like me to start writing again on the stories I'd begun here and at Quiver of Dreams. I dunno when/if that'll happen, but I'll give it my best shot, Ithil. *hugglz*

Okay, that's what's going on today. Hope to see you all back at Impossible Dreams. If you haven't checked it out, please drop by and say HI! We love company and are looking forward to more members soon. LUV YOU ALL!! *biggest hugglz and smoochies*

Arwen - gentle soul, loving heart
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Maiden of the Moonladyithildiel on March 27th, 2006 06:46 pm (UTC)
*pokes and glomps*I'm glad to hear you are writing again, my dear!:DDare I hope there will be some more of Damian,as well, I wonder?:P

*sigh*I need to get back at Dragonclaw...and you need to be posting in Musketeers, as well!;)We have plotting to do for dear Devlin, I'll add!!

And I hate Mondays with a passion!!*thud*
la_greenleaf: legolas_withbowla_greenleaf on March 28th, 2006 02:10 pm (UTC)
More of Damian? *ponders* I dunno about that one. It's sooooo complicated! *gah* Yes, you DO need to get back to Dragonclaw. Things are set so everyone should be involved now. As for Musketeers.... *twitch* I haven't even considered that one. Not sure I'll fit in. And, it's Tuesday now! *lol* Sorry I'm late replying. *hides*